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NEWS UPDATE ~ December 31, 2016  Beaumont Children Abduction Suspect Tony Munro Arrested in Australia June 2016

Beaumont Children Disappearance Suspect Tony Munro

Apparently the main suspect that James "An" Eglitis was pursuing in Cambodia, whom An had described and named to me in 2014, as Anthony 'Tony' Munro, was arrested on his arrival in Australia in June 2016. According to 

See also:

 The text of the Cambodia Expats Online post reads:

Notorious Pedophile Tony Munro Living in Siem Reap Arrested in Australia Linked to Missing Beaumont Children in Adelaide

Post by CEO Cambodia News » Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:03 pm

Siem Reap
: 71 year old convicted pedophile (who has since been identified as Tony Munro/Anthony Munro) from Adelaide has been arrested upon returning to Australia for crimes against children as far back as 1962.

He seems to have been a person of interest in the disappearance of 3 children, Arnna, Jane and Grant Beaumont from Glenelg Beach in January of 1966.

The man arrested last month has not been named in the media, but has been charged with 3 counts of buggery, 2 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and 7 counts of indecent assault.

He was in Adelaide in 1966 when the 3 children went missing and was also a person of interest in that unsolved case, but there is no evidence to suggest he was involved in that particular case.

It sounds like his name is being withheld because there is an ongoing SAPOL (South Australia Police) investigation. Not only for the recent charges and the missing children, but also an investigation into a pedophile ring.

According to CEO's source, "Mr X" has been living in Siem Reap for many years and runs a well-known bar. He left Cambodia to go back to Adelaide for tax reasons in June and was arrested at the airport for the child sex charges when he arrived in Australia.

His court case over the recent charges has been set for October and he is currently out on bail.

Here are some related links that are interesting to anyone looking into this story. They explain that Mr X was a successful businessman back in Australia, then fled to South East Asia and has been living in Cambodia and Burma, financing orphanages.

Several people have been following Mr X's tracks in Siem Reap and are not surprised by his recent arrest. There are also some accusations out there by individuals who suggest Mr X is being protected by SAPOL, but those seem to be unfounded.

More information will undoubtedly come out in the near future.

NEWS UPDATE ~ December 24, 2016  'James An' "Catch Me If You Can" -- Background story to charges in Australia

~ November 21, 2016  Who is 'James An'? Guido James Eglitis's Moby Dick

Shortly before I planned to post the next update to this website, with an account of "James An" and his role in the investigation of Dave Walker's disappearance and death, "An" was arrested by Cambodian authorities in October 2015. "James An" whose real name is Guido James Eglitis, was charged with offenses unrelated to the disappearance and murder of Dave Walker (but perhaps related to his involvement in the investigation of it, which ruffled many feathers among the key players in the bungled investigation and in the Cambodian Police and Government.)

News stories of arrest:

[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
In November 2016 it was reported that Eglitis was released from Cambodian custody after serving a prison term for theft of a camera from a tourist and was now residing in Thailand where he was then, it was reported, arrested by Thai Police on an extradition request from Australian authorities regarding charges going back to 2007.  It remained a mystery why the Australian authorities had not been actively pursuing his extradition from either Cambodia or Thailand in the previous nine years.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

The report of his arrest in Thailand was soon followed by a report that Eglitis, when he was arrested in Cambodia, was working at the behest of a detective in the Australian Police, investigating a suspected  pedophile fugitive, and was attempting to take fingerprints from the suspect's camera who happened to be the "victim" in the "theft" with which Eglitis was subsequently charged with in Cambodia in October 2015, presumably by a rival faction of the Cambodian police. 

[ ]

Eglitis Arrest PressJames An and Cambodian Police Officer

(Above) A widely published photograph of An and his associate Brett Hastie printed in various media sources over the last year reporting his arrest has now been released (November 2016) in an uncropped version.

Pending some sort of resolution in Eglitis' case, I have refrained from posting further information about his role in the investigation of Dave Walker's disappearance and death but will say this for the record in view of recent events

I do not believe that James "An" Eglitis was involved in the disappearance and murder of Dave Walker or that he acted on behalf of parties behind Dave's murder to 'cover up' their tracks or obscure, mislead or impede the investigation as some in the bungled investigation alleged.

Guido James "An" Eglitis was an Australian citizen, a Vietnam War veteran (Australian Royal Navy) who was convicted in the US in the 1990s of SEC securities trading violations and was later charged in 2007 in Australia with forcible confinement when as a licensed private investigator, he i
mpersonated a police officer and briefly held in his "custody" a former business associate of a client to whom money had been owned. The alleged victim freed himself and escaped from Eglitis. There seems to be nothing on the official record as to the disposition of the 2007 charges in Australia and it is unclear whether they were dropped or whether indeed as it is alleged in media reports, Eglitis jumped bail during his trial and fled to China and Cambodia. So far, it does not look like Australian authorities were rushing to request that Eglitis be extradited while he was in China and Cambodia, nor in Thailand until his presence there was made known on social media in November 2016.

Interpol Wanted Search

Australian authorities have been strangely silent so far (November 2016) on Eglitis while INTERPOL has not confirmed reports in the media that Eglitis was on an INTERPOL 'wanted' list.  A search of Interpol wanted fugitive database for persons wanted by Australia, has not returned any listing for Guido James Eglitis among the three wanted by Australia.

James An's Moby Dick: "The Beaumont Children Disappearance" 1966

Baumont Children Unsolved
When Eglitis and I first established contacted in March 2014 [see previous page], he stated that he was pursuing an investigation of a pedophile ring in Cambodia, an elderly member of which he believed had been behind a historic notorious multiple child kidnapping case in Australia in 1966 (Beaumont Children Disappearance.) In hours of conversations with Eglitis on Skype, he revealed to me an obsession with the ins and outs of the case and his ambition to solve it, to the point that I am persuaded that he was singularly motivated by a kind of adventuring "treasure hunt" fixation to solve what is probably Australia's greatest cold case: the unsolved abduction of three children on their way to swim on a beach.

Eglitis believed he was close on the trail of a suspect he identified in Cambodia and was lobbying various Byzantine factions of the Cambodian Police to detain the named suspect.

Iglitis stated to me that he was a private investigative contractor working with the cooperation and support of the Cambodian Police.

Iglitis never claimed he was working in an official capacity for the Cambodian Police but stated he had their cooperation and support and was lobbying them to take further action on the pedophile case he was investigating.

In our initial contact, Iglitis explained to me that he had inserted himself into the investigation of Dave Walker's disappearance with the intention of currying favor with a faction of the Cambodian Police in Phnom Penh in the hope of advancing his own investigation of the suspect he believed was behind the Beaumont Children disappearance.

Iglitis provided references from named officials in the US Immigration and Customs Department and in a US Federal Attorney's Office, stating that he had been contracted to them in an investigative capacity in the past.  The references were forwarded by me to the Edmonton Police Department for vetting. The implication was that he had served as an investigative "confidential agent" for US authorities in order to reduce his sentencing in a plea bargain for violation of "boiler room" precious metal securities telemarketing trading regulations in California in 1988. ( )

Beaumont ChildrenEglitis forwarded to me an extensive file of information on Dave Walker's business and banking dealings with partner Sonny Chhoun in Cambodia, which I forwarded, with his knowledge, to the Edmonton Police.  Eglitis as well shared that file with the American attorney Bradley Gordon in Cambodia retained to represent Dave Walker's interests there.  There was a three-way vetting of the information between myself, Bradley Gordon and the Edmonton Police at that stage of the investigation.

The faction of the investigation into Dave Walker's disappearance led by Nate Thayer and Richard Ehrlich had been foolishly and recklessly depending on the suspect Sonny Chhuon to lead their search for Walker in Cambodia (see Sonny Chhuon In the Middle).  Nate Thayer's immediate reaction was to accuse Eglitis of being either behind Walker's disappearance or in the employ of those behind it.    

After Walker's body was discovered in May, Eglitis became fearful that other factions of the Cambodian Police were targeting him, either because they were in the pay of the pedophile ring he was pursuing or in the pay of the party behind Dave Walker's murder.

Eglitis apparently operated in some kind of "deputized" grey zone capacity with uniformed Cambodian police officers accompanying him as back-up, but in the factionally corrupt world of Cambodian policing it is difficult to discern the extent of his official relationship with the Cambodian police. One of the suspects in the murder of Dave Walker, was allegedly a Colonel in the Cambodian Military Police in Siem Reap, while Eglitis stated to me that his support came from a rival colonel in the police based in Phnom Penh, interested in displacing the Siem Reap colonel to take over his Karaoke Bar girl business. 

Approximately a month before his arrest in October 2015, Eglitis became fearful that the rival faction in the police was targeting him and his fellow faction police officers in various ways, including a possible assassination, as he was closing in on his Beaumont Children suspect with his faction of Cambodian police.

While I do not know enough to be persuaded that Eglitis had successfully identified the kidnapper and murderer of the Beaumont Children, I am convinced that James "An" Eglitis sincerely believes he could have, and that he inserted himself into the investigation of Walker's disappearance to curry favor with the Cambodian Police in order to pursue his own investigative agenda. Eglitis's ambition to advance his own investigation in the Cambodian Police hierarchy became predicated on effectively resolving the mystery of Dave Walker's disappearance for them. In doing so he collected valuable evidence in the Dave Walker murder that other investigators had failed to do so, humiliating both the Cambodian Immigration Police in whose jurisdiction the case fell and the inept private "investigation" led by Nate Thayer.  Thayer would eventually turn his investigative resources in Cambodia from searching for the missing Dave Walker to blocking and investigating the rival James Eglitis instead.     

Over the 18-month period that I was in contact with Eglitis, while he advised me that bribe money could always loosen the tongues of Cambodian authorities in the case of Dave Walker, and complained that he himself was low on funds, he never solicited me for any financial aid or offered to mediate such transactions. He consistently stated that he entered the investigation of Dave's disappearance with the sole purpose of currying favor with a faction of Cambodian Police to advance his own Beaumont Children investigation and later became compelled by the mystery of Dave's murder similarly as he was compelled by the mystery of the Beaumont Children disappearance.

During the Dave Walker investigation in February and March 2014, James Eglitis, accompanied by Cambodian Police officers, elicited a sworn and signed statement from the suspect Sonny Chhoun which revealed the many discrepancies between Chhoun's various statements to us, to the police and to the press, and secured bank statements that prove that Sonny Chhoun emptied in several cash withdrawals the entire $20,000 investment that Dave had deposited into their joint corporate account while Dave was in Canada.

Eglitis also secured photographs of Dave Walker taken the night before his disappearance, the most recent and accurately representational photos of him, even wearing some of the clothing in which he was found dead, which inexplicably neither the investigators in Cambodia nor Dave's family chose to publicize while the search for Dave was ongoing. Instead, Sonny Chhoun and the family insisted on using outdated photos, many of which failed to accurately represent Dave Walker as he was at the time of his disappearance.

The evidence that Eglitis collected was furnished to me, to the family, to Bradley Gordon the American family attorney in Phnom Penh, and to the Edmonton Police Department in Canada, which was the Canadian police agency of record in the disappearance of Dave Walker. 


NEWS UPDATE ~ March 24, 2015

Investigation Coordinator and CNN Contributor Richard S. Ehrlich threatens lawsuit over reports of his conduct during the investigation of Dave Walker's disappearance.

In response to inquiries to Richard S. Ehrlich from as a courtesy and an act of due diligence, inviting him to comment on some of the reports received on his conduct during the investigation of Dave Walker's disappearance, offering him an opportunity to deny, confirm or comment on their veracity, prior to publishing next Thursday's, March 26 update of The Disappearance and Death of Dave Walker, the following response was received today:

-----Original Message----- From: rituals in pagodas
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 6:43 AM
To: vronsky ~ ;
Subject: Vronsky (Wronski) March 24, 2015 Affidavit for Use as Evidence in Court

                                                    Page 2 of 8 pages

As you suggest, here below is my initial affidavit which I am emailing
to Peter Vronsky, so that he has been served:

March 24, 2015

Affidavit for Use as Evidence in Court

Richard Ehrlich

Mr. Peter Vronsky
(aka Peter Wronski)
Department of History
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario

I have received your malicious, threatening statement -- in your
signed on-the-record email to me which I received at 12:54 a.m. on
March 24, 2015 in my Gmail account -- that you intend to slander,
defame and liable me with your signed, on-the-record public Internet
web posts and your email to other people.

I deny all of your absurd allegations, which you stated in your email,
as false and with malice against me.

In response, I am now contacting lawyers and law organizations in
Canada, where you reside and work.

I am asking lawyers take my case pro bono, under Canada's strong
slander, defamation, liable, malice and other media and cyber laws,
plus stalking, harassment, fraud, blackmail, threatening and any other
possible related laws.

I am asking them to sue you in Canadian courts, on my behalf, on all
possible civil and criminal charges, plus personal and professional
financial damages, if you carry out your premeditated threats and
intentions, do not cease and desist in your malicious attacks, or if
you publish any of your other lies about me.

Every email you have ever sent to me, starting from February 14, 2014,
has been archived by me for use against you in a court of law.

Any Internet web post that you have ever written, starting in February
2014, has been archived by me for use against you in a court of law.

Any future email you send to me or others, and any future Internet web
posts that you may write, starting from today, will also be archived
by me for use against you in a court of law.

Any other statements, written or oral, that you may have made or will
make in the future to any person, public or private, about me will
also be archived for use against you in a court of law.

CC: Clayton Ruby
Ruby Shiller Chan Hasan
Toronto, Ontario

CC: Peter Downard
Fasken Martineau
Toronto, Ontario

CC: Paul B. Schabas
Blake, Cassels & Graydon

CC: Jennifer Stoddart
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Gatineau, Quebec

CC: Canadian Media Lawyers Association

CC: The Law Society of Upper Canada

CC: Ontario Bar Association Civil Litigation Section

CC: The Law Foundation of Ontario

CC: The Canadian Legal Information Institute

CC: The Advocates' Society

CC: Pro Bono Law Ontario

CC: Law Help Ontario

CC: Vronsky's email attached as 1.) a received text file and 2.) a
computer screen shot of my account where the original
incoming email remains as evidence.

The entire contents of this email are confidential.

NEWS UPDATE ~ March 21, 2015

Sonny Chhoun caught in yet another lie.

While Sonny Chhoun stated  sworn statement (see Page 3) he collected Dave's phone from his room on Monday, February 17, a recent review of archived operational e-mails reveals that as late as Thursday February 20, Chhoun was deceiving us, claiming the phone was still in Dave's hotel room and was anxious to be allowed to take not only the phone into his possession, but Dave's laptop and camera as well to "hand carry the *three* items to Phonom Penh...", according to this, formerly confidential e-mail.

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Ehrlich rituals in pagodas

Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2014 11:48 AM
To: Everybody
Subject: dave walker update # 4 ~ thursday february 20, 11:48 pm bangkok time

sonny chhoun says dave's *three* items -- phone, laptop, camera -- are still in dave's guest house room, along with his other possessions and

sonny says he needs to get permission from seim reap's *police* or *immigration* to collect the *three* items and/or everything else.

(note: in cambodia, the *police* and *immigration* are under the ministry of interior, which is why there it is unclear which department gives that permission. but siem reap is a small town so it would be easily cleared up as soon as sonny asks).

it is now near midnight here in bangkok and siem reap, and sonny will ask the officials in the morning, about nine hours from now.

sonny expects the police/immigration to reply that they need the official permission from the *canadian consul* in phnom penh, before they can allow sonny or anyone else to take those *three* items.

so sonny says he will also phone the *canadian consul* in phnom penh in the morning, and ask how to proceed.

sonny says he would hand carry the *three* items to phnom penh, if asked to do so.

when we get an update about all of the above, i will email the entire group.